Now There's Just the Three of Us

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Now There's Just the Three of Us is a one-act comedy by American playwright Michael Weller (born 1942) [1]. Cast: 4m, 1f.

Perry and Frank are roommates. Perry greatly envies Frank's expertise with the ladies, which he knows all about because Frank has told him. Well: enter one Deke. Neither Perry nor Frank knows Deke; but he convinces each that he is a good friend of the other and proceeds to move in.

Published by Samuel French, 1972. ISBN: 9780573602399

Performance history in South Africa

1991: A production of this play was presented at the National Arts Festival Fringe, directed by Lindsay Reardon, starring himself, Craig Urbani, Adam Neill, Laurian Miles and William Carnigie.


Doollee [2].

National Arts Festival programme, 1991. 169.

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