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Johannesburg Youth Theatre Trust

With the founding and formalisation of the Johannesburg Youth Theatre Trust (JYT) as a non-profit educational theatre trust, in 1989 /90, and Joyce Levinsohn's appointment as Executive Director, came the recognition of the Johannesburg City Council, which granted the Trust a 50-year lease on a heritage site in Parktown, Johannesburg. Two historic houses on a property, which is situated on all major bus and taxi routes fulfilled Joyce's dream of providing all of Gauteng's children, irrespective of socio economic circumstances, with an easily accessible theatre environment in which creative energies are channelled to encourage cognitive development, life skills and literacy.

Under the direction of the undisputed doyenne and forerunner of children's theatre in South Africa, JYT has consistently delivered an imaginative year-round repertoire.

The National Children's Theatre Trust

In 1990 the Johannesburg Youth Theatre Trust was renamed the National Children's Theatre Trust (NCTT) with Joyce Levinsohn still its Artistic Director.

The National Children's Theatre (NCT)

National Children's Theatre grew out of the Johannesburg Youth Theatre, established by Joyce Levinsohn in 19**. The NCT has built up a history of staging a great variety of classic children's literature, as well as teaching vital interactive life-skills through theatre-in-education programmes and theatre workshops. Thus, in line with governmental initiatives, the focus has shifted somewhat over the years, moving from largely entertainment events in the earlier period, to more emphasis on education and learning through theatre.

The NCT has its own theatre at 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown and presents stage adaptations of classics, contemporary plays and educational theatre, in the buildings leased by the NCTT.

By 2004 the NCT had already reached over 3 million viewers during live performances and television appearances. I has also formed valuable partnerships with schools, various homes, and welfare organisations.

Projects include the NCT Shakespeare Club and the NCT Annual Shakespeare Festival (both under the guidance of Dr Rohan Quince)


Tucker, 1997. Moira Katz CEO National Children’s Theatre

National Children’s Theatre Trust 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa Tel: +27(0)11 484 1584 Mobile: 083 266 3586 Email:

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