Marina Christelis

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Marina Christelis (b. Johannesburg, 04/03/1941) was a beauty queen and actress.


Marina Cia Christelis became Miss South Africa in 1961 and represented the country at the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami Beach. The following year she was part of the original cast of the musical revue Wait a Minim!, directed by Leon Gluckman and with songs by Jeremy Taylor. She subsequently appeared in two films, namely Die Professor en die Prikkelpop / The Professor and the Beauty Queen (Jamie Uys/1967) and The Diamond Mercenaries / Killer Force (Val Guest/1975). In 1963 British director Val Guest had offered her the leading role in his film The Beauty Jungle (1964), but she turned it down in order to marry medical representative Rupert Volker (1937-2005). Nevertheless, more than ten years later Guest returned to cast her in The Diamond Mercenaries.


Sunday Times, 30 June 1963

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