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A musical review co-written by Andrew Tracey, Paul Tracey and Jeremy Taylor in 1961. A hugely successful show, which started with the songs for two musical reviews that played in Johannesburg and in Rhodesia in 1961. They then combined the best material into a single musical review calledWait a Minim, and found they had a hit on their hands. They went on to perform in Wait a Minim all over the world between 1962 and 1968 - including seasons in South Africa, Rhodesia, England, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and including 461 shows spanning more than a year on Broadway in New York. With over 50 instruments in the show, many of them African, Andrew Tracey helped educate the world about unique African instruments, including the kalimba. Andrew was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson a number of times. This musical performance career put Andrew's ethnomusicology research on hold.

A very popular revue devised [**?] and directed by Leon Gluckman at the Intimate Theatre in 1962, with musicians Andrew and Paul Tracey, Kendrew Lascelles and Jeremy Taylor. Designs by Anthony Farmer. The show toured the country for eleven months, visiting Durban’s Alhambra Theatre, Rhodesia, Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth before returning to Johannesburg to play at the Alexander Theatre and the Colony in Hyde Park Hotel. [Also done in England?]


Tucker, 1997.

Photographs by photographer David Sim of scenes from Leon Gluckman's production of Wait a Minim, including Michel Martel, April Olrich, Dana Valery and Jane Fyffe in the medieval scene and Jane Fyffe, Dana Valery and April Olrich in the Mexican scene held by NELM: Photograph collection; Photograph collection [Collection: GLUCKMAN, Leon]: 1995. 2. 7. 1. 44. 24.

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