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Leslee Udwin (1957-) is an actress, director, producer and human rights activist.


Born in Savyon, Israel, to a European Jewish family with roots in England, Germany and Lithuania, she grew there till she was nine years old, when her family relocated to South Africa. They spent the next ten years there.

While studying she worked in theatre, performing for local theatres, including the Space Theatre in Cape Town. Un 1978 she moved to London, where she entered the profession and built a remarkable career as actress , director, producer and human rights activist.

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Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

She began her South African career as an actress at the Space Theatre, Cape Town, in the 1970s, acting in plays such as The Disguise of the Ashes that arose out of the Karnaval at Scarborough to prove that Leonardo was Right – an investigation of guilt (Aron and Judge/Astbury and Company), The Duchess of Malfi (Webster), The Guise (Mowat), Hitting Town (Poliakoff), The Resistable Rise of Arturo UI (Brecht) and The Mortgage (Anon. Udwin listed as Leslie Udwin).

Other plays mentioned, but not done by the Space Theatre, are Savages, Electra, Hay Fever and The Cherry Orchard.



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