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Leonardo is a name given to two TV series, one shot in South Africa (2011-2012)[1], the other shot in Italy (2021)[2]

This entry refers to the 2011-2012 series.

The series: Leonardo by Melanie Stokes and Pia Ashberry

Consisting of 25 episodes (2011-2012), the series

Created by Melanie Stokes and Pia Ashberry, the scripts written by them along with Dan Danko, Alexander Perrina, Brian Lynch, Tom Mason, Brian Jordan, Daniel Peak and Kirstie Falkous. The series directed by Beryl Richards, Luke Watson, Rob Evans and Steve Hughes, with a cast and crew that includes a large number of South Africans. Among the latter are Thembalethu Ntuli, Camilla Waldman, Bart Fouche, Graham Hopkins, Roxane Hayward, Clayton Boyd, Mike Huff, Anthony Bishop, Adam Neill, Patrick Lyster, Emily Child, James Gracie,

For full details of cast and crew see IMDb[3]

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