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Leah can refer to a the name of a person (notably the Biblical character[1]) as well as the title of more than one play.

Among them:

  1. Leah, the Forsaken (also found as Leah the Forsaken or with the fuller title: Leah the Forsaken, or The Jewish Maiden's Wrongs) by Augustin Daly (1838-1899)[2]: An English play, based on the German play Deborah by Salomon Hermann Mosenthal. It is often referred to simply as Leah. (For more on the Daly version and its performances in South Africa, see the entry on Deborah)
  2. Leah Kleschna a tragedy by C.M.S. McLellan (1865–1916)[3]. (See the entry on Leah Kleschna)

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