Le Chalet

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Le Chalet is an opéra comique[1] in one act by Eugène Scribe (1791-1861)[2], Mélesville (1787-1865)[3] and Adolphe Adam(1803-1856)[4].

The original text

The French libretto was written by Eugène Scribe (1791-1861)[5] and Mélesville (1787-1865)[6] after the singspiel Jery und Bätely by Goethe, and music by Adolphe Adam(1803-1856)[7]. First performed at the Opéra-Comique, Salle de la Bourse, Paris on 25 September 1834.

Translations and adaptations

Adapted into English by Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839)[8] as The Swiss Chalet, or Why don't she Marry?, with music by Arthur Edward Shelden Seguin (1809-1852)[9].

Also known in English simply as The Swiss Chalet or Why don't she Marry?. Le Chalet Suisse is also found in some sources, though the text is most probably also an English version.

Performance history in South Africa

1857: Performed as as Why don't She Marry? for the opening production in Sefton Parry's first wooden theatre in Harrington Street, Cape Town, on 14 September (along with Morton's two plays A Kiss in the Dark and A Thumping Legacy).

1861: A play called Le Chalet Suisse , uncredited and billed as the "Musical Comedietta", was performed by Sefton Parry and company in the Theatre Royal, Cape Town on 27 June, along with London Assurance (Boucicault). It is most probably the work by Scribe et al. (The title is misspelled by Bosman as "Le Chalet Swisse" in the text, but correctly as "Le Chalet Suisse" in the index to his 1980 history.)








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