The Emperor's New Clothes

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The Emperor's New Clothes is the most commonly found English title for Hans Christian Andersen's beloved Danish tale Kejserens nye Klæder, first published on 7 April 1837)[1].

There have been numerous stage, film and media versions of this tale over the years, including a number of radically adapted and even politicized versions.

International versions performed in South Africa

Original South African stage versions

South African versions include the following (go to the specific entry for details):

Die Keiser ("The emperor") by Bartho Smit.

The Naked Emperor (1982: Smit's play translated into English by Aart de Villiers and Don Lamprecht)

Die Koning Raak Gewoond Daaraan ("The king is getting used to it", 1980s: a one act children's play by Johan Hugo and Deon Wiggett.

Once Upon a Time (1990s: A play made up of four fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, including The Emperor's New Clothes).


Johan Hugo and Deon Wiggett. 1980s. Die Koning Raak Gewoond Daaraan. A typed copy of the work is held in the archive of the Drama Department at the University of Stellenbosch.

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