Janis Reinhardt

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Janis Reinhardt (b.**/**/1950?) was an actress and part-time model. Also credited as Janice Reinhardt.


As a little girl Janis Reinhardt was sent to ballet school and then attended Durban’s Drama Academy, run by Joan Brickhill and Louis Burke. At 13 she moved to the Anne Freed Theatre Academy and at 15 was offered her first professional part in Freed’s production of Hobson's Choice at the Lyric Theatre. This was followed by a small part in Not Now, Darling (1968), staged by Ray Cooney at the Academy Theatre and then the role of Liat in South Pacific, produced by Brickhill and Burke for JODS. She also acted in three films: Wild Season (Emil Nofal/1967), Satan’s Harvest (1970/Douglas K. Stone) and Three Bullets… for a Long Gun (Peter Henkel/1971). It is not known what became of her.


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