James Leffler

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James Leffler was a British born singer, actor and company manager

Also known as James Henry Leffler or J.H. Leffler

Came to South Africa with the Sefton Parry Company at the age of 22 in 1862,

Was married to Ellen Prestwich who also seems to have been a singer, perhaps the one billed as Mrs J.H. Leffler an operatic singer from, when she appeared in South Africa with the Harper Leffler Opera Company and later.

She was billed as a member of the Royal Opera Company, London, when she came to South Africa with her husband, James Leffler, Henry Harper, and miss Annette Hirst in the The Harper-Leffler Opera Company (or sometimes referred to as the Harper-Leffler Company), to perform six concerts of opera selections in the Commercial Exchange and the Mutual Hall, Cape Town between 5 August - 9 September 1868.


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