Ian Duncan Colvin

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Ian Duncan Colvin (1877-1938) Scottish born journalist and author (Also known as Ian Colvin, Ian D. Colvin)

He was the assistant editor of the Cape Times from 1903 to 1907, and on his return to Scotland, of the Edinburgh Morning Post (1909-37).

He wrote many works, often of political commentary (also under the pseudonym of Rip van Winkle). Works with some bearing on South Africa include satirical poetry (The Parliament of Beasts – 1905), a biography of Dr Jameson, and a play The Leper's Flute (published in London, 1920). His collection of tales and myths from South Africa (published in the Romance of Empire series, 1910) included myths and legends used as the source for plays and performances (e.g. How Table Mountain Got Its Cloud, )



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