How Table Mountain Got Its Cloud

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How Table Mountain Got Its Cloud is a title used by various versions of the South African myth about the origins of the "table cloth" over Table Mountain in Cape Town. Also known as the fable of Van Hunks and the Devil. There have been a number of dramatized versions over the years.

Original story

The original myth was written up in English by the journalist and writer Ian D. Colvin (1877 - 1938)[1] as one of the many stories he collected in the volume South Africa as part of the Romance of Empire series published by T.C.& E.C. Jack of London, 1910.

Dramatised versions

How Table Mountain Got Its Cloud A Legend of South Africa by Dorothy Black

Broadcast by the BBC, written by Dorothy Black (possibly the English novelist?[2]) and directed by Howard Rose, National Programme Daventry, 28 January 1938 16.30. Listed in the Radio Times, Issue 747, 28 January 1938.

How Table Mountain Got Its Cloud, a children's musical by Lara Bye and David Nissen

The stage text and music created by Lara Bye and David Nissen

1989: Performed in the Nico Malan Theatre, September , directed by Lara Bye, with music by David Nissen.


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