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USAT is the acronym for an amateur theatre society for students at the University of Stellenbosch.

The society

Formally known as the Universiteit Stellenbosch Amateurteater in Afrikaans and University of Stellenbosch Amateur Theatre in English, it is more familiar ly known by its acronym: USAT.

Managed by a the USAT Komitee, a student committee.

The USAT Dramafees

One of the prime activities of the society is the annual USAT Dramafees (USAT Drama Festival, where competing residences put on plays, with the male and female residences teaming up and combining their forces. The performances are of both existing plays and of original plays written by students.

The awards

A number of awards were on offer in the festivals, each festival's offerings judged by a panel of lecturers:

For instance, the 1978 festival programme lists André P. Brink, Tim Huisamen, Herman Pretorius and Juanita Swanepoel as judges for the following 14 trophies awarded the previous year (1977):

The Steytlerbeker ("Steytler Cup"): Best performance in a very small role. (Winner: Louwtjie Louw)

The Barclays-beker ("Barclays Cup"): Commendable performance in a female role (Winner: Elmari van Niekerk).

The Barclays-beker ("Barclays Cup"): Commendable performance in a male role (Dirk Winterbach).

The Akkertrofee ("Acorn Trophy") Best performance in a female role (Winners: Coretha le Roux and Ena Naude).

The Enricotrofee ("Enrico Trophy") Best performance in a male role (Winners: Murray Bridgman and Van Rooyen Terblanche).

The Edrichstrofee ("Edrichs Trophy") Best acting (Winner: Danny Fourie).

The Johan Brink-trofee ("Johan Brink Trophy") commendable student director (Winners: Louie Loots and Nic Fine).

The UUB-trofee ("UUB Trophy") best student director (Winner: Henry Mylne).

The Steytlerbeker ("Steytler Cup"): Originality (Winner: Marlene van Niekerk).

The USAT-trofee ("USAT Trophy"): Commendable production (Winner: Die Kersvaders).

The Barclays-trofee ("Barclays Trophy"): Best production (Winner: Die Lucky Dip).

The Frenchy Franzen-trofee ("Frenchy Franzen Trophy"): Stage management (Winner: the residence Eendrag).

The HAUM-trofee ("HAUM Trophy"): Best student playwright (Winner: Henry Mylne).

The Henderson-trofee ("Henderson Trophy"): Best student playwright (Winner: Marlene van Niekerk).


Plays put on over the years have been

1978 festival: Gebed in Clarendon (Dirk Richard); Die Reëndag (Susan Coetzer); Sprokieskoningkryk van die Voortlewendes (Niël le Roux); Toewyding (Louis de Villiers); Bloed en Rooi Rose (Louis de Villiers); Proe (Roald Dahl/Carel Jooste); As Hy Terugkom! (Deon Furnell); Die Swakkere Vat (Gerhard Beukes); Die Koffer (André P. Brink/Davida Day); Mostellaria (Plautus/Dawid de Villiers), Unscrewing a Stage (Andrew R. Donaldson); Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction, or The Fatal Gazogene (George Bernard Shaw); Die Duiwel, Sy Helper, en die Drie ligte Kooie (Marlene van Niekerk); Sondag Kos Vyf Pesos (Josephine Nigli); Vrede Tuis (George Courteline/Reinet Louw)


Copy of the 1978 USAT Dramafees programme (held 11-21 March in the Libertas-teater).

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