Griet Skryf 'n Sprokie

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Griet Skryf 'n Sprokie ("Griet writes a fable") is an Afrikaans novel by Marita van der Vyver (1958-).

The original text

A novel about "Griet Swart", who is driven to stick her head into an oven by the traumas of miscarriages and divorce. A dead cockroach inside the oven saves her, and she spends the rest of the night cleaning. As therapy her shrink tells her to write about her experiences. And so the story of Griet takes shape: a tale of hurt and anger, but sparkling with humour.

Published by Tafelberg in 1992, the novel was a sensation, winning several awards, including the Eugène Maraisprys ("Eugène Marais Award"), the ATKV AQward and the MNet Award.

Translations and adaptations

The novel has been translated into several languages, including Chechoslovakian, Chinese, Dutch (as Ik Zoek Een Domme Man), English (as Entertaining Angels), French, German (as Ich Liebe und Lüngen), Hebrew, Italian (as In Compagnia Degli Angeli) and Spanish (as El Huésped).

A stage adaptation of the novel was done by Pierre van Pletzen in 1997.

Performance history in South Africa

1997: The stage version presented by the Independent Performance Trust at the KKNK in Apil, directed by Lizz Meiring assisted by Hannes Muller, featuring Susan Coetzer, Isadora Verwey, Christo Compion, Hannes van Wyk, Judy le Roux.

1997: Staged at The Arena at the State Theatre Pretoria in May and June.

1997: Staged at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July.


KKNK programme, 1997.

National Arts Festival programme, 1997.

Beeld 25 February 1997.

Pretoria News, 21 May 1997.


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