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Gee My Jou Hand ("Look at the stars") is a film produced by CARFO

Also found as Gee my jou hand in Afrikaans title format.

Also see the entry on Het van Verlangekraal.

The film

Based on the novel Het van Verlangekraal by Johann Bekker (1918–1985)[1], which tells the tale "Het Heiberg", the daughter of a sharecropper, and her struggle to overcome her depressive lifestyle, and the role played in her recovery by her class teacher and his battle with the headmaster of the school.

Made in 1963, the film was adapted and scripted by Euodie Kritzinger and directed by Tim Spring with Hanlie Swanepoel, Bettie Jooste, Ben van der Merwe, Theunis Botha, Bettie Theron and J.A.V. Swanepoel.

Translations, adaptations, sequels, etc

The novel Het van Verlangekraal was also adapted as a television series (Scholtz, 1984) and a radio serial by Leon van Nierop on Radio Sonder Grense (2022).


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