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Gabrielle Lomberg (b. Pretoria, 28/11/1959 – d. Cape Town, 23/04/2007) was an actress and cabaret artist. Also credited as Gaby Lomberg and occasionally as Gabi Lomberg.


Gabrielle (Gaby) Julia Ann Lomberg was born in Pretoria to actress Valda Adams and her diplomat husband, Malcolm Lomberg. Because of her father’s work she received some of her education in Paris, but matriculated at Rustenburg Girls’ High School in Rondebosch and graduated with a degree in speech and drama from the University of Cape Town in 1979 (others in her class were Sean Taylor, Russel Savadier and Richard E. Grant). As a first-year drama student she acted in Mavis Taylor’s production of Candide in 1977 and after graduation she spent some time working with Henry Goodman at the People’s Space. By 1982 she had moved to Johannesburg and performed in a variety of plays at the Market Theatre, the Alexander Theatre and the Civic Theatre, visiting the major centres like Cape Town and Durban on tour.

She also featured in some television programmes and made two, somewhat indifferent films. She regularly appeared on radio and in an adaptation of Mary Renault’s novel The King Must Die (1984) she played both the young Theseus and Ariadne. For Janice Honeyman she appeared in several Christmas pantomimes and in 1993 she took a one-person show entitled Girl on a New Planet to the Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Later in her career she developed her talents as a cabaret artist, appearing with Kate Normington in Pigs with Attitude (1993) and its sequel, Pigs with Bottoms. As a stand-up comic she appeared in Swopping Comics (1995) at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre and at the Smirnoff Mule Comedy Festival (1997) at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. In 1996 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, a condition which rendered her incapable of pursuing her career. She died in Cape Town at the age of 47. Her older sister, Gillian Lomberg, died four years later. (FO)



1977 – Candide (Baxter Theatre) (Directed by Mavis Taylor), 1980 – The Parents (People's Space) (Directed by Henry Goodman), 1980 – Fanshen (People's Space) (Directed by Henry Goodman), 1980 – Dogg's Our Pet (People's Space) (Directed by Henry Goodman), 1981 – Beasts in Our Backyard (Baxter Studio) (Directed by John Nankin), 1982 – 84 Charing Cross Road (Market Theatre) (Directed by Leonard Schach), 1982 – A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking (Market Theatre) (Directed by Aubrey Berg), 1982 – The Importance of Being Earnest (State Theatre & Alexander Theatre) (Produced by John Hussey for PACT), 1984 – Carmilla (Alexander Theatre) (Directed by Nigel Vermaas for PACT), 1984 – Lunatic and Lover (Market Theatre) (Directed by Patricia Fox), 1984 – Groucho at Large (Market Theatre) (Directed by Maralin Vanrenen), 1985 – The Weekenders (Market Theatre) (Directed by Maralin Vanrenen), 1985 – Tricks (Market Theatre) (Directed by Lynne Maree), 1985 – Tarts (Alexander Theatre) (Directed by Kevin Feather), 1987 – Funny Peculiar (André Huguenet Theatre & Baxter Theatre) (Directed by Rex Garner for Pieter Toerien), 1987 – When I Was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout (National Arts Festival & Adcock-Ingram-Auditorium & Loft Theatre & Baxter Theatre) (Directed by Dawn Lindberg), 1988 – Nunsense (Alhambra Theatre, Johannesburg & Theatre on the Bay, Cape Town) (Produced by Tobie Cronjé), 1988 – Aladdin (Directed by Janice Honeyman for PACT), 1989 – Jack and the Beanstalk (Directed by Janice Honeyman for PACT), 1990 – Double Thick Dreams (Market Theatre) (Directed by Janice Honeyman), 1990 – The Sleeping Beauty (Alexander Theatre) (Directed by Janice Honeyman for PACT), 1993 – Girl on a New Planet (National Arts Festival), 1995 – Heel Against the Head (Civic Theatre, Johannesburg & Playhouse, Durban) (Directed by Tim Plewman), 1996 – What Annette Said in Her Sleep Last Night (Hilton Drama Festival), 1998 – Nunsense (Alhambra Theatre, Johannesburg).

Undated: London Assurance, Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something, God’s Forgotten, Sweet Charity, Sweeney Todd, Mixed Mamas, Crazy for You.


1985 – Deadly Passion (Director: Larry Larson), 1988 – The Tattoo Chase (Director: Jeff Gold


1982 – Simon and Laura (television play) (Director: Douglas Bristow), 1984 – The Danny Bickett Show (pilot for television series) (Producer: Michael Johnson), 1984 – The Bay Window (television play) (Director: Peter Goldsmid), 1984 – Communication: The Message is the Thing (educational series) (Director: Alan J. Melville), 1990 – The Bushmaster (television series) (Director: Tamara Semevsky) 1995 – Not Quite Friday Night (comedy show).


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Various entries in the NELM catalogue.

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