Freda Godfrey

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Freda Godfrey. (“Florrie” -1889-1980) Actress


Born Flora (Florrie) Gottfried in London, she became a child star there (playing Wendy in Peter Pan for example) She became Rayne’s lover and was inseparable from him till his death in 1925. She then retired from the stage, married Herbert S Bishop and died in 1980 in Durban.

Her interesting biography – written by Margot Bryant – was published in 1979 as Born To Act.




Freda Godfrey was brought to SA circa 1902 by Leonard Rayne. On board ship she learnt the part of Lily, Watson's daughter in the play Sherlock Holmes (play) [1]. As she matured she played numerous roles for the company, usually in the lead opposite Rayne, and became the darling of the South African stage during the first quarter of the 20th century.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Her notable performances include Sherlock Holmes, The Prodigal Son (1906), The Ever Open Door (1919), A White Man, Kismet, Peter Pan (1920), Within the Law (1925).

Awards, etc


Bryant, 1979.

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