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Fritz Steyn (1913-1986) was an Afrikaans judge, diplomat, journalist, critic and playwright.

(Also wrote as Frederick Simon Steyn or F.S. Steyn)


Born Frederick Simon Steyn in Wakkerstroom on 14 June, 1913. Went to school there till 1926, followed by the Hoër Volkskool in Heidelberg (matriculating in 1929) and the University of Pretoria (completed a B.A. degree at in 1932). Worked as a civil servant from 1933 to 1936, while studying the law and obtaining a LL.B. degree in 1934 at the University of Pretoria. In 1936 he joined the administration of the University.

He died on 10 October 1986

He wrote a number of prose works including Die Wereld wat Was (Nasionale Boekhandel Bpk., 1961)

His contribution to South African theatre, film and media

He was a member of Volksteater, serving on its management committee in the years 1937-1938.

As reviewer

Wrote his first review (of P.W.S. Schumann's Hantie kom Huistoe by Ons Teatertjie Toneelgroep) for Die Republikein in 1936.

As playwright

His début play, Grond, was first performed by the Volksteater in Pretoria in 1938, directed by Paul R. Skawran.

His most famous play, the wildly popular Die Wildsboudjie (first performed by Volksteater 1940, filmed in 1946). The play was performed regularly over the years. A professional revival in 1985 was a smashing success for Pieter Fourie.

Other plays include Hulle sien die Kruis ("They see the cross", commissioned for the Huguenot Festival, 1939 and produced by Volksteater), Vername mense (1951)

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