Don't Let Summer Come

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A play by the British playwright Terence Feely [1] (1928-2000). It is an off-beat play which has as its theme the inability of the protagonist to come to terms with reality, and his consequent efforts to escape from the society in which he finds himself. It was first performed at the Mermaid Theatre, London, in 1964.

Published in Plays Of The Year Vol. 29, Elek, London, 1965 –

Performance history in South Africa

Opened in the Hofmeyr Theatre on 14 September 1968, directed by Mavis Taylor for CAPAB. With Lyn Hooker, Tirzah Loewenstein, Ken Leach. Decor by Mavis Taylor and Peter Benade, costumes by Jennifer Craig.

Translations and adaptations


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Teater SA, 1(1) and (2), 1968.

Don't Let Summer Come theatre programme (CAPAB 1968).

Photograph - NELM Manuscripts - [Collection: FLETCHER, Jill]: 2005. 75. 19. 50

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