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There are three plays called Die Laaste Aand ("The Last Evening") in Afrikaans.

In Afrikaans publications and sources the title is usually written as Die laaste aand, in accordance with Afrikaans linguistic practice for book and play titles.

Die Laaste Aand by Coen Bezuidenhout (Unknown date)

A one-act play. Nothing more is known about this text at present beyond its name and the name of the author.

Die Laaste Aand by C. Louis Leipoldt (1930)

The original text

Based on his own poem called Van Noodt se laaste aand ("Van Noodt’s Last Night", 1923), reworked for the stage in 1930 at the behest of Stephanie Fauré. Set in front of the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, and 30 years after the events narrated, it tells of the relationship between the despotic governor Van Noodt and his cast-off Malay lover Martha.

The text was published by Nasionale Pers ( Nasboek) in 1930. Published by Nasboek. In 1944 C. Louis Leipoldt was awarded the Hertzog Prize for Drama jointly for Die Heks and Die Laaste Aand.

Translations and adaptations

Adapted as a musical by Hennie van Greunen in 2002.


1930: First produced by Stephanie Fauré, it opened on 26 May 1931, with **.

1941: Produced by K.A.T. in Cape Town directed by Anna Viljoen, with Leonie Pienaar and Herman Steytler and also by Volksteater in Pretoria, with Anna Neethling-Pohl.

1947: Produced by K.A.T. in June 1947, directed by Leonie Pienaar.

1967: Pieter Fourie, as head of Afrikaans Drama at CAPAB, introduced lunch-time shows in the Hofmeyr Theatre, the first being Die Laaste Aand which opened on 4 July and repeated in August as part of the programme Dit Kom van Oral Af. Directed by Suzanne van Wyk, starring herself as Martha, with Martin Crous (Priester), Pieter Joubert (Gysbreg), Fitz Morley (Heemraad), Glynn Day (Koopman), Danie Marais (Skildwag), Willem de la Querra (Slamse visser).

2002: The musical adaptation by Hennie van Greunen was performed at the KKNK, directed by Hennie van Greunen, with Pedro Kruger, Natalia de Rocha and André-Jacques van der Merwe.


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Die Laaste Aand by J.R.L. van Bruggen (1938)

This is a one act documentary drama by J.R.L. van Bruggen (1895-1948), which forms part of a collection of Afrikaans one-act documentary plays by Van Bruggen entitled Bakens: Gedramatiseerde mylpale uit die Groot Trek, aimed at commemorating the Great Trek of 1839. (Published in Johannesburg in 1938/9 by A.P.B., some of the plays performed in pageant form in 1938, though Die Laaste Aand is not specifically mentioned)


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