Die Pad van Suid-Afrika

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Die Pad van Suid-Afrika ("The road of South Africa") is an Afrikaans verse narrative on the history of the country (from a colonial perspective]), presented in tableaux style, based on an extended narrative in verse by C.J. Langenhoven (1873-1932).

The original text

The text was first published (with illustrations by Reenen J. van Reenen) as Eerste Skoffies op die Pad van Suid Afrika ("First steps on the road of South Africa") in the journal Die Huisgenoot in 1913, and in book form in 1921. Reprinted numerous times, and finally became part of Langenhoven's collected works, under the title Pad van Suid-Afrika (1933). The text also contained the original text of Die Stem van Suid-Afrika[1] ("The Voice of South Africa"), which would become the first national anthem of the country in 1957, and later be incorporated (in Afrikaans and English) as part of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika ("Lord Bless Africa") the new anthem accepted in 1996.

Performance history

1913: Possibly performed as a tableau (and probably billed as Eerste Skoffies op die Pad van Suid Afrika) by amateurs in Oudtshoorn in 1913.

1957: A new version also entitled Die Pad van Suid-Afrika, dramatized by Sarah Goldblatt (based on Langenhoven's original text), was performed by National Theatre Organisation on the Day of the Covenant, 13 tot 16 Desember, under the direction of Anna Neethling-Pohl. This was also the occasion at which Die Stem van Suid-Afrika was formally introduced as the National Anthem of the country.


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