Die Koerantskrywers

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(“The newspaper writers/journalists”) by J.F.W. Grosskopf. Full-length. Cast: mixed. Published by Naspers.

Die Koerantskrywers ("The Journalists". Original title: Die Joernalisten) by Gustav Freytag. A German comedy, translated into Afrikaans and transposed to a South African setting by J.F.W. Grosskopff. First performed by the Grey-Universiteitskollege (G.U.K.) Toneelvereniging in 1919, with inter alia S. van der Merwe, Helena Bergstedt, Dirk Mostert, Francois Eybers and M.C.E. Lindeque, directed by Rose Ehrlich and Grosskopff. Toured the Free State. Later also produced by the Krugersdorp Municipal Dramatic and Operatic Society on 9 and 16 April 1938. First published by Nasionale Pers Beperk in 1919.

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