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Creative Madness is a creative arts consultancy based in Durban, South Africa.

The company

Officially registered as Creative Madness (Pty) Ltd, the company was founded by Peter Court and is an arts and education company, with core interests that include youth development, early childhood development, education and school development and coaching. Specialising in creating tailor-made productions, processes or curricula for the corporate, not-for-profit and education market, it specifically assists Educators in underfunded and rural Schools with the South African Creative Arts curriculum[1] – i.e. Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Arts.

Creative Madness has a full-time staff of four: the Director, an Administrative Assistant, and two Facilitators. Since 2001 has also begun to employ additional freelance facilitators to assist in expanding its capacity in schools.

The company works locally and internationally and is inter alia the Creative Arts implementation partner for the Mr Price Foundation's National Schools Development Programme (called EduRise)[2] and self-funds puppet productions, workshops, holiday play schemes and theatre productions.



National Curriculum Statement (NCS): Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement [3]

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