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This refers to a festival of Chekhov work (and Chekhov inspired work) by South African theatre artists.

The first Chekhov Festival was presented in 2004, in the centenary year of Chekhov's death, under the auspices of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, and the second Chekhov Festival ten years later under the auspices of the Joburg Theatre.

The festivals were the brainchild of actor, director and festival director André Stolz and the idea was that that a company of Johannesburg based actors and directors would present a festival of Chekhov's best known one-act plays and short stories specially adapted for the stage, in celebration of the playwright's life and work.

The Chekhov Festival 2004

The first festival took place in the Tesson Theatre at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre from 24 July to 8 August 2004. It consisted of a short season with two programmes - each containing six short plays.

Programme A played 24 - 31 July 2004 and consisted of:

A Work of Art directed by Lynne Maree

The Beggar directed by Josias Moleele

Saintly Simplicity directed by Grethe Fox

The Proposal directed by Mark Graham

The Witch directed by Sarah Roberts

Alien Corn directed by **

Programme B played 1-8 August 2004 and consisted of:

The Evils of Tobacco directed by André Stolz

The Chorus Girl directed by André Stolz

Die Buffel directed by André Stolz

Swanesang directed by Tjaart Potgieter

Tragic Role directed by Tobie Cronje

Plots directed by Tom Fairfoot.

The Chekhov Festival 2014

The second Chekhov Festival took place from 10 June – 15 June 2014 in The Fringe at Joburg Theatre. It consisted of a short season with three programmes - each containing three short plays, and concludes with a Chekhov Film Festival on Sunday 15 June.

Programme A consisted of:

Oppad directed by

The Sneeze, a physical theatre presentation devised by the cast

Saintly Simplicity directed by Grethe Fox

Programme B consisted of:

Rothschild's Fiddle directed by

Plots directed by

Trousseau directed by

Programme C consisted of:

The Brothers by Reza de Wet, directed by

The Proposal directed by

Grief directed by

The Film Festival on Sunday 15 June consisted of:

The Lady with the Dog

An Artists Story

An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano


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