Centre for South African Literatures

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An archive and documentation centre as well as a research facility and clearinghouse in the Institute for Languages, Literatures and Arts at the Human Sciences Research Council, the centre derives from the former National Documentation Centre for Afrikaans Literature (1971-1978). In the early 1980s the Human Sciences Research Council appointed Charles Malan as head and researcher with the commission to expand it into a far more active research centre. It was then renamed CENSAL and, while it continued collecting archival material on South African literature, it also undertook a strong series of research projects on the social and political impact of literature in South Africa. It worked in close co-operation with the National Afrikaans Literary Museum and Documentation Centre (NALN) in Bloemfontein and the National English Literary Museum (NELM) in Grahamstown Some of the work was also done in conjunction with the Centre for South African Theatre Research or CESAT at the same Institute of the HSRC.


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