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Charles Utting (1818-1898) was a South African author, poet, playwright, journalist, and bookseller.

Also known as or Chas. Utting or C. Utting.


Born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, on 7 July, 1818, emigrating to Cape Town round about 1863, where he worked as a journalist on the staff of the The S.A. Advertiser and Mail and apparently also ran a bookshop.

He was married to Jane Aickman Utting, with whom he is said to have had 15 children. Utting died in Cape Town on 8 February, 1898 and is buried there.

Contribution to South African theatre, media and performance

Besides other publications, he wrote a historical play called Governor van Noot, or Things as They Were (also known simply as Governor van Noot or Things as They Were), performed in 1866, and a satire called Municipal Muddles, or Love in the Dark (also known simply as Municipal Muddles), performed in 1867.

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