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Die Katdorings (Lit "The Cat-thorns", or "the Briars") was an informal and independent offshoot of the Volksteater in Pretoria, though affiliated to it. Formed in 1941, Die Katdorings expressed the nationalistic (anti-British) political sentiments awakened in the members of the Volksteater by the outbreak of the Second World War. Led by Jan Pohl and Anna Neethling-Pohl (whose husband, Chris Neethling, had been interred for anti-war activities and sentiments), it was named after the ubiquitous indigenous briar (cat-thorn) and its appropriate slogan was "Dit krap" (= "It scratches"). Performances took the form of variety-concerts (reminiscent of the political Cabaret current in Europe at the time), and were often so inflammatory in contents that they were even kept under surveillance by the Security Police. Also did controversial anti-war plays, such as Grosskopf's Oorlog is Oorlog (in association with KMDOS, 1941).


Binge, 1969; Du Toit, 1988 [JH, TH]

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