Blou Uur

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Blou Uur ("Blue Hour") is a full length play by Reza de Wet.

The original text

A dream-based play about reminiscence and regrets, it was originally written as a bilingual narrative, in English and Afrikaans, but first performed as an Afrikaans text in 2008, and was published by Maskew Miller Longman in 2009, with an introduction by Temple Hauptfleisch entitled Die Dramaturg as Dromer ("The dramatist as dreamer").

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

2008: First performed at the Aardklop festival in Potchefstroom, directed and designed by Marthinus Basson starring Antoinette Kellermann, Aletta Bezuidenhout and Mary Dreyer (as Aunt Celeste). The production won the Anglo-Gold Ashanti Smeltkroes Prys for the text and the Beeld Plus Aardvarkprys for best design.

2009: The production played at the Woordfees and KKNK.


Temple Hauptfleisch 2009 Die Dramaturg as Dromer in Blou Uur (Cape Town: Maskew Miller Longman, pp. vi-xxiv)

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