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Daniël Johannes Smal (1889-1976). Famed Afrikaans elocustionist ("voordragkunstenaar") and actor and journalist.

He also used the pseudonym Besembos when writing some of his plays.


Trained in elocution under De Lauwerijs and others in Belgium, he returned in 19**. ** **

Became assistant-editor of Ons Vaderland.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

After gaining experience in the organisation of Afrikaans trade-unions, Smal became concerned with the disorganisation of the theatre-scene in the Transvaal, and from 1919 was active in trying to co-ordinate the various societies then active there. One of his efforts entailed the establishment of the Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniging en Toneelskool, with himself as director and principal and Gustav Preller as chairman. Played "Max" in Paul de Groot's production of Huis Toe in 1925. Wrote a book on his voice teaching entitled Spraakgebreke ("Speech Impediments"), published by Noordelike Drukpers Maatskappij.

He wrote the plays Moeder, published by Danie Smal Boekhandel, 1923, Nie Alles Goud Wat Blink Nie (using the pseudonym Besembos), Die Ongeslypte Diamant.

Danie Smal : 50 jaar eenman-verhoogkunstenaar, published in the 1960s.


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