Afrikaners is Plesierig

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Afrikaners is Plesierig ("Afrikaners are merry") is a satirical comedy by André P. Brink (1935-2015).

The original text

Subtitled "'n feestelike deurmekaarspel" ("a festive confusion"), the play is a hugely entertaining satirical comedy offering an overview of the role played by key figures and types of individuals in development of South Africa, written in commemoration of the founding of the Republic of South Africa in 1961. The title is taken from a well known Afrikaans folk song[1] with music adapted from a European traditional tune by Pierre Malan and words by A.D.E. Gutsche.

First performed in 1971, the text published in 1973 as Afrikaners is Plesierig: 'n Feestelike Deurmekaarspel by Human & Rousseau.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1971: Staged by PACOFS, directed by Gerrit Geertsema and André P. Brink, with Ernst Eloff (Seremoniemeester & Ware Jacob), Errol Ross (Beyten Beytengewoon), Trudie Taljaard (Flower Power), Henk Hugo (Skote Petoors), Bennie Janecke (Bartholomeus da Gama), Neels Coetzee (Jan van Liesbeeck), William Egan (Kommie), George Barnes (U Agterthant), Andries Lategan (Francois Huguenot), Gerrit Geertsema (W.A. van der Stellenbosch), Johan Botha (Pieter Maritzburg), Annie Basson (Eeufesia), Lerina Erasmus (Mev Boereraath), Francois Stemmet (Herrie-van-die-Kaap), Raymond Davies (Lord Charles Somerset-East), Hetty van Oordt (Lady Joyce Barnard) and Jan Hamers (JôJô OwHêwHê, President of Azania).

1971: The same production was later staged in collaboration with NAPAC in Natal and SWAPAC in Windhoek.


PACOFS theatre programme, 1971.

Petru & Carel Trichardt theatre programme collection.

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