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Ad Donker Publishers was founded by adventurous Dutch born publisher Adriaan Donker (generally known as Ad Donker), this independent publishing house dit much to encourage and develop the writing, publication and discussion of South African writing in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s Donker sold the imprint to Naspers, but remained on as a consultant for a while.

Among the major works published are such pioneering works as A Century of South African Poetry, A Century of South African Prose, Michael Chapman’s South African Literature**???, Their theatre publications include the story of the Johannesburg Repertory Society (They Built a Theatre by Arthur Hoffmann and Anna Romain Hoffmann, 1980), a collection of works on Johannesburg (Reef of Time: Johannesburg in Writing, ed. Digby Ricci, 1986), **. The collected plays of Stephen Black (edited by Stephen Gray, 198*), the biography and plays of Herbert Dhlomo (edited by Tim Couzens, 19**), a number of works by and about Athol Fugard, including the plays, a source book (comp. by Temple Hauptfleisch, Wilma Viljoen and Celeste van Greunen, 1982), the journals (ed Mary Benson) and a number of collections of South African plays edited by Stephen Gray (including Theatre One: New South African Drama, Theatre Two: New South African Drama, The Market Plays), John Kani (More Market Plays), * ,

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