The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple is a play by Neil Simon [1]. First performed on Broadway in 1965.

Translations and adaptations

The play has been adapted for film and television.

Translated into Afrikaans by Marko van der Colff with the title Die Onpaar Paar.

Performance history in South Africa

1967: First staged in South Africa at the Brooke Theatre in 1967, with Brian Brooke and Anthony James.

1982: A Sons of England production was directed by Yvonne Copley in 1982, performed in the Baxter Studio, starring Nigel Sweet, David Gilbett, Norman Sargeant, Derek Lyndon, Brian de Kock, Sheila Inglis, Barbara Andrews.

1983: Die Onpaar Paar presented by SWARUK and KRUIK in Windhoek 13 and 14 April 1983 and the Nico Malan Theatre 3-21 May 1983 and touring Namibia (then South West Africa) and the Northern and Western Cape. The cast: Mees Xteen, Pierre van Pletzen, Hélène Truter, Pamela Moag, Christo Compion and Christo Potgieter. Hannes Horne directed.

1997: Market Theatre and Baxter Theatre production of The Odd Couple, staged in the Market Theatre, 20 May - 12 July 1997 starring Ann Stradi, Brenda Radloff, Deon Stewardson, Dan Robbertse, Martin le Maitre, Graham Hopkins, Anthony Bishop, Adrian Galley, and Mike Huff directed by Alan Swerdlow.


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