Performing arts

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The phrase Performing arts constitutes a collective term for all arts utilizing live performance of any kind (song, music, dance, movement, theatre, acrobatics, etc) as part of a performance or event. It is often used in contrast to creative arts, though the performing arts often involve visual and aural art forms in costume written or oral texts, set designs and costume designs, soundscapes, etc.

See also show business and entertainment industry

South African companies and entities, and disciplinary descriptions using the term

The Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA)

Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts

The Performing Arts Councils of South Africa

Centre for Performing Arts, University of the Western Cape[1]

BA Performing and Visual Art, University of the Witwatersrand

Performing and Fine Arts Department of the American International School of Johannesburg

Cape Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA)[2]

Campus of Performing Arts (COPA)[3]


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