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Programme notes of ''[[Agnes of God]]'' in 1983.  
Programme notes of ''[[Agnes of God]]'' in 1983.  
[[SACD|Limelight]] 1977/78
[[SACD|Limelight]] 1977/78.
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[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
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(19*-) Actress. *

Roles in Butley (with PACT), A Doll's House (as “Nora”), The Merchant of Venice (as “Portia”), Medea (as “Medea”), The Importance of Being Earnest (as “Gwendolin Fairfax) and in Anthony and Cleopatra (as “Cleopatra”), The Rivals (PACT , (1983), Agnes of God (Pieter Toerien, (1983) *.

Quoted from the programme notes of Agnes of God in 1983 wherein she played the role of Mother Miriam Ruth: 'Pauline Bailey came to Africa in 1958 having trained at RADA and played repertory in England; spent 17 years in Rhodesia where she became one of the country's leading actresses playing such roles as Portia, Cleopatra, Medea and Nora in Ibsen's Doll's House. She worked in radio and for several years presented television programmes. Since arriving in South Africa Pauline has appeared for PACT in Butley, School for Scandal, The Crucible and most recently as Mrs. Malaprop in The Rivals. For Pieter Toerien she has appeared in Da and Passion Play. She is the regular Monday evening continuity presenter with SABC TV. Pauline is married to John Pank, and they have one daughter, Jane. Hobbies include searching for antiques, entertaining, cooking and eating; travel, particularly to islands; collecting Shaffordshire China.'


Programme notes of Agnes of God in 1983.

Limelight 1977/78.

Tucker, 1997.

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