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''[[Tiridate, ou Comédie et Tragédie]]'' is a French play by Narcisse Fournier (1803-1880)[https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcisse_Fournier]
#REDIRECT [[Tiridate, ou Comédie et Tragédie]]
''Also found as '''''[[Tiridate]]'''''
==The original text==
The play tells of a fictional incident in life of the 18th century British actress Anne Oldfield (1783-1830)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Oldfield] and a young poet who falls in love with her.
''[[Tiridate, ou Comédie et Tragédie]]'', comédie-vaudeville en 1 acte, Paris, Théâtre du Gymnase-Dramatique, 15 avril 1841
==Translations and adaptations==
Charles Reade adapted Narcisse's play as a short story called "Art: a dramatic tale" and published it in ''Bentley's Miscellany'' (December 1853). He then adapted his own story as a one act play called ''[[Art]]'' in 1855.
Reade later revived his play as ''[[An Actress of Daylight]]'' for the actress Mrs John Wood, and did so again in 1883 for the actress [[Geneviève Ward]] - now calling the play ''[[Nance Oldfield]]''. The first production by Ward was a failure at the time, but the play would become a standard work in her repertoire over the years.
In 1891 Ellen Terry purchased the rights to Reade's play, performing the leading role numerous times, also under the title ''[[Nance Oldfield]]''. 
In 1894 W. H. Baker & co., Boston, published an American version of the play, a one-act play likewise called ''[[Nance Oldfield]]'' but credited to "M.A." (Mildred Aldrich, 1853-1928)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mildred_Aldrich], in the series ''Baker's edition of plays''.  The text clearly credits "M.A." as the author, but states that it had been "arranged from Charles Reade's story".
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1891-2: Performed by the [[Geneviève Ward Company]] during a nine months' tour of South Africa, under the auspices of [[Luscombe Searelle]], featuring  [[Geneviève Ward]] and [[W.H. Vernon]] in the leading roles.
== Sources ==
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