Move Over Mrs. Markham

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Move Over Mrs. Markham is a farce in two acts by Ray Cooney (1932- ) [1] and John Chapman (1927-2001)[2].

The original text

A farce about Mr and Mrs Markham, who have only one bedroom in their apartment - and it is there that three sets of lovers all meet for trysts on the same evening.

First produced in 1969,

Performance history in South Africa

197?: Performed in the Civic Theatre Bloemfontein by the Bloemfontein Repertory Society, directed by ** with **, ** and Temple Hauptfleisch

1971: Staged at the Academy Theatre of Laughter in 1971 with Lottie Brochin, Pamela Buchner, Ian Gardiner (lead), Gardner Richard (Henry), Gaby Getz, Shelagh Holliday, Helen Jessop, Maryann Johnston, Melody O'Brian, Jennifer Sinclair-David, Robert van Leyden. The South African production was directed by Ray Cooney who directed the London and Australian productions.

1990: Opened at the Alhambra Theatre in May 1990, presented by Pieter Toerien with Rex Garner, Gordon Mulholland, Diane Appleby, Malcolm Terrey, Odile Rault, Tammy Bonell, Timothy Welsh, Patricia Sanders and Ashley Hayden.

Translations and adaptations


Tucker, 1997.

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