Le Malade Imaginaire

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Le Malade Imaginaire ("The Imaginary Invalid") [1] is a three-act comédie-ballet by Molière with dance sequences and musical interludes by Marc-Antoine Charpentier [2].

The original text

Written in 1673, and first performed on 10 February 1673 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris. Originally choreographed by Pierre Beauchamp [3]. A satire on the medical profession of his time, it was to be Moliere's last play.

Translations and adaptations

Usually translated into English as The Imaginary Invalid or The Hypochondriac.

A free German adaptation called Der eingebildete Kranke was done and produced by Fritz Kortner (1892-1970)[4].

Translated into Afrikaans as Die Iepekonders by A.F.H. van Dijk, circa 1953.

The Kortner version translated into English as The Imaginary Invalid or The Hypochondriac by Wilhelm Grütter, for performance in South Africa. Published a playtext by DALRO in 1968.

Translated into Afrikaans as Ipekonders by Nico Luwes in 199*.

Performance history in South Africa

1953: The Van Dijk translation was performed as Die Iepekonders by National Theatre Organisation, with 231 performances on its South African tour. Directed by Hermien Dommisse for the NTO, with André Huguenet, Gracelina Bosman (replaced by Elsa Fouché on tour), Fay Engelbrecht (replaced by Berdine Grünewald on tour), Helena Louw, Danie Smuts, Patrick Mynhardt, Michal Grobbelaar, Jannie Gildenhuys, Bryan Bales, Louw Verwey, Elma Krynauw.

1960: Presented in English, entitled The Gay Invalid, at the National Theatre, Pretoria, starring André Huguenet as Argan and Marjorie Gordon as Toinette.

1967: The Grütter English translation was staged by PACT, directed by German director Walter Czaschke, featuring Alec Bell (Argan), Maureen McAllister (Beline), Madeleine le Roux (Angelique), Kerry Jordan (Beralde), John Mitchell (Cleante), Siegfried Mynhardt (Mr Diafoirus), Frank Lazarus (Thomas Diafoirus), Francois Swart (Mr Purgon), David Salton (Mr Fieurant), Arthur Hall ( Mr Bonnefoi) and Margaret Fry (Toinette). Decor by Raimond Schoop and costumes by Clarence Wilson.

1994: Performed in Afrikaans as Ipekonders (Luwes translation) in the H.B. Thom Theatre, Stellenbosch, by the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department in September 1994. Directed by Herman Pretorius with Chris Vorster, Lisl Wolmarans, Franci Swanepoel, Martelize Kolver, Nicole Holm, Paul du Toit, Gaerin Hauptfleisch, Malan Steyn, Francois Toerien and others.

2009: Performed in Afrikaans as Ipekonders in the Scaena Theatre, Bloemfontein by Facts, directed by Nico Luwes with Gerben Kamper, Hanna von Wielligh, Stephanie Brink, JP du Plessis, Leendert de Jager, Kingdom Moshounyane, Bea van der Vyver, Lulu Botha, Gustav Gerdener, Cornel van Zyl and Hanno van Heerden.


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