June Neethling

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June Neethling (b. 1933) was an actress.


June Rose Hollstrom was born in Cape Town on 16 June 1933 to Charles Phillip Hollstrom and his wife Rose Mary Cyster. In 1954 she married Henry Neethling in London, where her husband-to-be had studied economics. She became an actress relatively late in life and by the time her first film came out in September 1963, she had already given birth to five children. She maintained that for her acting was a hobby rather than a profession and that her family was the priority in her life. Nevertheless she acted in a range of films (sometimes uncredited), four of them directed by David Millin. Her stage appearances were infrequent, but she had roles in Andorra (1964) and an Afrikaans version of Equus (1980), both of them produced by Mario Schiess, who had also directed her in the film Onwettige Huwelik (1970). Reported stage appearances in Amphitryon 38, Twelfth Night and The Maids could not be verified.

Film Credits

1963 – Kimberley Jim (Director: Emil Nofal), 1963 – Place of Refuge / Fort Merensky Herleef (short) (no director credited), 1965 – Debbie (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1965 – Ride the High Wind / African Gold (uncredited) (Director: David Millin), 1965 – King Hendrik (uncredited) (Director: Emil Nofal), 1965 – Die Wonderwêreld van Kammie Kamfer (Director: Al Debbo), 1966 – The Lion Speaks (Director: George Michael), 1966 – The Second Sin (uncredited) (Director: David Millin), 1968 – Majuba: Heuwel van Duiwe / Majuba: Hill of Doves (Director: David Millin), 1969 – Stadig oor die Klippe (Director: Richard Daneel), 1969 – Staal Burger (Director: Daan Retief), 1970 – Onwettige Huwelik / Professor du Plessis (Director: Mario Schiess), 1971 – Pressure Burst (uncredited) (Director: George Canes), 1971 – Die Banneling (Director: David Millin), 1974 – Skadu’s van Gister (Director: Francois Swart), 1974 – Lelik is my Offer (Director: Joe Stewardson).

Television Credits

1966 – Der Rivonia-Prozess (Director: Jürgen Goslar for German TV), 1971 – Diamantendetektiv Dick Donald (German TV series - Episode: Der stumme Zeuge) (Director: Jürgen Goslar), 1979 – Phoenix & Kie (SABC TV series) (Director: Katinka Heyns).


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