Jocrisse-maître et Jocrisse-valet

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Jocrisse-maître et Jocrisse-valet is a French one act comedy by Charles Augustin Sewrin (1771-1853)[1].

The original text

First produced at the Théâtre des Variétés-Panoramas, Paris, on 29 October, 1810 and published by Masson in 1810.

Translations and adaptations

Translated and adapted into English as a one act "Ballad Farce" called The Two Gregories, or "Where Did the Money Come From?" by Thomas Dibdin (1771–1841)[2].

First performed at the Surrey Theatre, London, in 1821. Published for the Proprietor, at Roach's Old Established Library, 1821.

South African productions

1833: Performed in English at the African Theatre in Hope Street, Cape Town by the All the World's a Stage on 3 August, (under the slightly inaccurate title of The Two Gregorys, or Where Does the Money Come From?) with The Inchcape Bell, or The Dumb Sailor Boy (Fitzball) and a vaudeville act on the "slack rope" by Monsieur Dupree.

1835: Performed in English as The Two Gregories in The Amateur Theatre, Cape Town on 11 March by the Private Amateur Company, with A Cure for the Heartache (Morton). The evening was "(F)or the benefit of the Sufferers of the Caffer Irruption".


Facsimile version of the 1810 edition of Jocrisse-maître et Jocrisse-valet, Google E-Book[3]

Facsimile version of the 1821 edition of The Two Gregories, or "Where Did the Money Come From?", Google E-Book[4]

F.C.L. Bosman, 1928. Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel I: 1652-1855. Pretoria: J.H. de Bussy. [5]: pp. 206, 227

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