Monsieur Dupree

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Monsieur Dupree (18**-18**) was a vaudeville artist and acrobat who was apparently touring the colonies, a specialist in the "slack rope" act, which was popular in the mid 1800s.

He is first mentioned in Cape Town when he performed a vaudeville act on the "Slack Rope" as part of an evening's entertainment presented in the African Theatre by All the World's a Stage on 3 August, 1833, with plays somewhat wrongly announced as The Inch Cape Bell, or The Dumb Boy of the Rocks (Fitzball) and The Two Gregorys, or Where Does the Money Come From? (Dibdin), as well as the 17th August, with John Overy, or The Miser of Southwark Ferry and The Haunted Inn, or How to Lay a Ghost (Peake).


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