Hou die Blink Kant Bo

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Screening Details

Running Time: 84 min. (Black and White) / Copyright Date: 1960 / Release Date: 28 November 1960 / Language: Afrikaans / Genre: Comedy / Alternative Titles: none.


Klaas Haasbroek is employed to try out children’s toys and has not only a good insight into what children will like, but also an uncanny ability to predict just how many items the firm is likely to sell. Unfortunately, his immediate superior, Herman Engelbrecht, always takes the credit and Klaas is too timid to assert himself. Klaas lives in a boarding house run by Mrs. Goldberg and takes turns sleeping in the same bed as his friend Fanus, who has a night job. One day things take an unexpected turn when his reflection in the bathroom mirror decides to take a hand. Initially his alter ego’s advice has a disastrous effect, but gradually Klaas gains confidence and is well on his way to becoming a successful movie star....


The film gives Debbo ample chance to display his trademark talent for slapstick impersonations, notably when he is forced to improvise various stations on a broken radio. The girls in his life are played by Trudie Rossouw and Emsie Botha and his boss is acted by Douglas Fuchs, who was to become Director General of the SABC. This was Emsie Botha's first film appearance and Dawid van der Walt's first credited one. Although this is not acknowledged anywhere, the 1981 production of Blink Stefaans by Jans Rautenbach, with Regardt van den Bergh in the leading role, is a remake.


Al Debbo (Klaas Haasbroek), Trudie Rossouw (Linda Rossouw), Sarah Sylvia (Mrs. Goldberg), Emsie Botha (Elsie Pienaar), Willie Herbst (Fanus), Taffy Kikilus (Herman Engelbrecht), Willem Loots (Jaco Theron), Douglas Fuchs (Mr. Rossouw), Johan du Plooy (Assistant Director), Sadie Festenstein (Miss Lovejoy), Johan Eloff (Oom Hendrik), Dawid van der Walt (Dirk), Christo Gerber (Chris), Jerry Kettler, Lucas Mulaudzi, Jamie Uys - uncredited (Himself), Moya Meaker - uncredited (Herself), Arthur Hall - uncredited (Miss Meaker's Companion & Haasbroek's Stunt Double in "Die Bangbroek"), Francis Coertze - uncredited (Woman at Premiere), Willie Steyn - uncredited (Autograph Hunter), Mario Lastrucci & George Canes - uncredited (Gamblers in "Die Dobbelaar"), John Dercksen - uncredited (Actor at Audition).


Production Company: Jamie Uys Filmproduksies / Director & Story: Emil Nofal / Cinematography: Vernon Whitten & Vincent G. Cox / Editor: Elmo de Witt / Decor: Tommy Askew / Production Manager: Willie Herbst / Sound: Bonné ter Steege / Make-up: Ronnie Brinkmar / Assistant Cameraman: Manie Botha / Assistant Editor: Aline de Witt / Continuity: Nola du Preez / Songs: Taffy Kikilus / Decor Construction: Bob Evans & Han van den Bergh.


Le Roux, André I. & Fourie, Lilla – Filmverlede: geskiedenis van die Suid-Afrikaanse speelfilm


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