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Heimat ("Home") is a play by Hermann Südermann (1857–1928)[1]

The original text

The story of an opera singer, Magda, who falls pregnant by one of her lovers and returns to her conservative home in rural Germany, followed by a young lover, Von Keller. Published in 1893.

It was a popular play in the period and international productions featured some of the best known actresses of the time, including Helena Modjeska, Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse and Mrs Patrick Campbell.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English by C.E.A. Winslow as Magda in 1896.

Translated and adapted into English by Louis. N. Parker (1852–1944)[2] as Magda in 1894, first performed in the Miner's Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York, on 29 January, 1894, and at the Lyceum Theatre, London, on 3 June, 1896.

Translated into Dutch as Haar Thuis by Leo Van Riel, with the subtitle Het Ouderlijk Huis, published in Antwerpen in 1913 by Janssens. Sometimes listed under the subtitle.

Adapted as a silent film called Magda by Margaret Turnbull and directed by Emile Chautard in 1917.[3]

Translated into Afrikaans (via the Dutch translation) as Huis Toe by Mrs A.E. Carinus-Holzhausen. Spelled Huistoe in some instances.

Performance history in South Africa

1901: Performed in English as Magda (the Parker version), as part of the repertoire of a touring company under the Wheeler Brothers's management, featuring Nance O'Neill and McKee Rankin in the leads. In Cape Town the company played at the Good Hope Theatre in September.

1902: Performed once more as Magda by the same company when they returned to the Good Hope Theatre, Cape Town, in February.

1925: Produced as Huistoe by Paul de Groot with his first semi-professional company. Opened at the Pretoria City Hall for three days on 9 July. Featuring Paul de Groot, Stephanie Fauré as Magda, Anna Aucamp, Marguerite de Vos, Matt Laubscher, Danie Smal, Henri Cilliers, Wena Naudé. Repeated in July and in September played a week in the Standard Theatre, Johannesburg, in conjunction with African Theatres.

1926: The amalgamated Paul de Groot Geselskap (“Company”), took the play in a successful tour between July and December , with Hendrik Hanekom, Mathilde Hanekom, Anna Marais, Wena Naudé, Maxie Botha, Simon Malherbe, André Huguenet and Paul de Groot in the cast.

1929: By this time the play had seen 132 performances under De Groot's direction.






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