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Mrs A.E. Carinus-Holzhausen was a passionate supporter of the arts, a literary advisor and translator for the early Afrikaans theatre.

She was the first secretary of the Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniging en Toneelskool established by Danie Smal. Notable for her translation of Südermann’s Heimat as Huis Toe ("Going Home") for Paul de Groot’s first real professional and commercial success. She subsequently did numerous translations for De Groot and other producers, including Ibsen’s A Doll House, initially called Geleende Geld (“Borrowed Money”), later Die Poppehuis, in Afrikaans – a dismal failure for De Groot, who had misjudged his audiences. She had a passion for theatre, and if a show failed, was prepared to eschew her honorarium for the translation.


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