East Lynne

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East Lynne is the title used for a number stage plays and films, based on the novel by Ellen Wood (1814-1887)[1].

The original text

The original tale derives from Ellen Wood's sensation novel, a Victorian best-seller with an elaborate and implausible plot, involving infidelity and double identities. East Lynne was initially serialised in The New Monthly Magazine between January 1860 and September 1861, before being published as a three-volume novel on 19 September 1861.

There have been numerous stage and film adaptations of this tale over the years. The various stage versions are difficult to separate, since many companies used a version of the novel as a stock work, guaranteed to draw audiences, and often employed the original title. We therefore list all South African productions using the title below.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans as East Lynne by Jean Plaat-Stultjes

Performance history in South Africa

1875: Performed by Disney Roebuck and his company in the Bijou Theatre, Cape Town, on 17 and 18 March, 8 June, accompanied on the second night by Perfection (Bayly) and a dance by Miss Duggan.

1876: Performed ("positively last time") by Disney Roebuck and his company in the Athenaeum Hall, Cape Town, on 8 June, with Brown and the Brahmins (Reece).

1884-5: Performed by the Henry Harper Company in the new Theatre Royal, Cape Town, as part of Henry Harper's first season as lessee and manager of the venue.

circa 1930: Taken on tour by the Plaat-Stultjes Geselskap as East Lynne, in a stage version translated into Afrikaans and produced by Jean Plaat-Stultjes.



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