Buried Alive

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A number of theatrical works have had this title, sometimes as part of a longer title, sometimes as an alternative title.

There is also a large number of films by this name, some of which featured South African performers.

Plays performed in South Africa

Buried Alive by M'Pherson

This refers to a play called Buried Alive, or The Visit to Japan, a melodrama, adapted from an unnamed French comedy by H. M'Pherson. First performed in English in Newcastle-on-Tyne Amphitheatre, May 1 1799(??)

See Buried Alive, or The Visit to Japan

Buried Alive by Milligen and Kenney

This refers to The Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried, a "comic operatic farce" in two acts by John Gideon Millingen[1] and James Kenney[2]. The play was apparently based in part on the French one act play, Le Naufrage, ou La Pompe Funèbre de Crispin, by Joseph de Lafont (1686-1725)[3], first performed on 17 June, 1710 and printed in the same year.

The Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried was first performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 1827, with music by Isaac Nathan, and printed by William Kenneth in 1827.

Also found as The Illustrious Stranger or as Buried Alive, or The Illustrious Stranger.

See The Illustrious Stranger, or Married and Buried

Buried Alive by Leo Tolstoy

This is actually an alternative title for Tolstoy's popular play The Living Corpse (Russian: Живой труп, Zhivoy trup) written in 1900. (Also known as The Live Corpse in English). It was written in 1900, it had its in the première at the Moscow Art Theatre[4], directed by Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, with Konstantin Stanislavski as co-director, and featuring Stanislavski as actor, on 5 October 1911 and published in 1911.

See The Living Corpse

Films featuring South African performers

Buried Alive (1989)

Directed by Gérard Kikoïne, with a script by Jake Chesi and Stuart Lee, and featuring Robert Vaughn, Donald Pleasence, Karen Lorre and John Carradine. South African born performers in supporting roles include Arnold Vosloo, Ashley Hayden, Janine Denison, Marloe Scott Wilson, Blanche Frolich, Christine le Brocq and Zia Garfield, among others.

See "Buried Alive (1989)" in IMDb[5]] for more on the film, including a full list of cast and crew.

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