B.J. Van de Sandt

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(18**-18**) Businessman, actor, translator and possibly a publisher of an "Almanac" in Cape Town.

A member of the amateur company Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense. As actor appeared as "Dorante" in De Burger Edelman (by Molière) for Het Zuid-Afrikaansche Tooneel Gezelschap (formerly known as Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense in 1825.

Translated Monsieur Tonson (by Montcrieffe) from the English into Dutch, for performance in 1835, perhaps commissioned for the company Kunst en Smaak. Bosman (1828, p374) suggests that the Dutch translation/ of the satirical English one-act playlet Warren's Blacking, 30 Strand (1835) may also have been by him.

The same surname (without the initials) occurs later (1848 -1851) suggesting that he (or the Van de Sandt family) had premises in Kasteel Street, where tickets were sold for productions by the company Hoop en Trouw.


Bosman, 1928: pp 249, 262-282, 372-374; 502.

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