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Zoli Marki (b. Kirkwood, 18/10/1957) is an actress. Also credited as Zoli Markey and Zoli Markie.


Zoli Marki was born Heidi Leonie Fourie in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape and is said to have started out as a child actress. She married Phillip Edwin Markey at an early age and appeared as Zoli Markey in her first film, The Demon (1979), directed by Percival Rubens. In 1977, Heidi and Phillip were divorced, but she continued to use an amended version of her married name as an actress. A number of her films were deemed “daring” in the old South Africa and one Facebook website refers to her as “the first lady of South African exploitation film”. She married geologist Pierre Andre Wilken in 1983, but they were divorced in 2000. For some time it was thought that she had retired from the screen after the film Baby Brown (1990), but in 2013 she turned up in a small role in an episode of a long-running British docudrama series called Fast, Furious and Busted (2013) that was filmed in the United States.



The Demon (Percival Rubens/1979), Night of the Puppets (Daan Retief/1979), Blink Stefaans (Jans Rautenbach/1981), Nommer Asseblief? – die Rolprent (Henk Hugo/1981), Im Dschungel ist der Teufel los (Harald Reinl/1982), Survival Zone (Percival Rubens/1983), Niemandt weint für immer /No One Cries Forever (Jans Rautenbach/1984), The American Connection (Ray Berwick/1985), The Sandpiper / Die Strandloper (Lourens Swanepoel/1985-1986), Baby Brown (Joe Ford/1990), Bordering on Bad Behavior (Jac Mulder/2014).


Sam et Sally (French TV series – Episode: La Peau du Lion) (Joël Santoni/1980), Pasgetroud (TV film) (Franz Marx/1980), Winchester (TV series) (Chris du Toit/1984). Banged up Abroad / Locked up Abroad (British TV series – Episode: Fast, Furious and Busted) (Rob Kaplan/2013).


Joined the cast of the long-running Birds of Paradise at the Academy Theatre in 1979 and then acted in Accommodations (1982), first at the Chelsea Theatre in Hillbrow and then at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town.




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