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Zamenspraak is a Dutch and Cape Dutch word meaning "discussion". It has long been in use in the Netherlands to refer to a literary and dramatic form, consisting of a conversation or discussion between two or more characters on matters of public interest or import. Especially popular in South Africa as a journalistic and dramatic form during the 19th century, where it often occurs as a dialogue or duologue, with comic or satirical intent.

The plural is Zamenspraken or Zamenspraaken (dialogues) and may be used to refer to a collection of such dialogues or pieces.

The word later evolved into the Afrikaans: "Samespraak" or "Samesprake", with approximately the same meaning.

Zamenspraak as the title of a play

A number of dramatic works (e.g. plays, poems or pieces of prose) have been titled Zamenspraak, or have the word as part of the title. These are very often critical or satirical in style.

The following from the latter group have a link with South Africa:

Zamenspraak tusschen Limançon een Dichter en een Prozaisch Gaskonjer (De Lima; 1825)

Zamenspraak tusschen Klaas Waarzegger en Jan Twijfelaar (Meurant, 1860/1?)


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