Xander Haagen

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Xander Haagen (1924-2000) was a singing teacher, professor of music, composer, producer, baritone.

Born Frederick Alexander Haagen in South West Africa on 25 May, 1924

Among his opera students over the years were Barbara Veenemans, Marita Knobel, George Kok, Leonore Veenemans, Nicolai Cencherle and Bronwyn Basson.

Died on 27 December, 2000.

Wrote text, words and music for Aandster Ver and directed the first production in 1961.

Wrote the music for Met liefde aan Marlies (1972, libretto by Anna Rudolph).


Musicus Vol. 29, Iss 1, , Sep, 846, 2001.


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